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    For virtual Scholarship Day registration, please see the following page: Chowan Scholarship Day Registration

    Chowan Scholarship Day is your chance to earn a valuable scholarship! Chowan University wants to invest in rising student leaders like you. Scholarship recipients are leaders in their school, community, sports teams, and churches. You could be eligible for one of the three scholarships given on Chowan Scholarship Day:

    Leadership Scholarship worth $24,000 over four years. (That’s $6,000 a year!) 
    Dean's Scholarship worth $12,000 over four years. (That’s $3,000 a year!) 
    Trustee Scholarship worth $4,000 over four years. (That’s $1,000 a year!)  

    Prospective Chowan University students are eligible to attend Chowan Scholarship Day. You are eligible for one of the above scholarships if you are an incoming student whose application for admission is accepted into Chowan University. 

    A short application, essay, and interview are required. Professional attire is requested for your interview.  Interviews are held on select dates throughout the year. Your completed application is your registration for Chowan Scholarship Day.


    Welcome - 10:00 AM
    Information Sessions (Admissions,  Residence Life) - 10:30 AM
    Current Leadership Scholar Panel -  11:00 AM
    Lunch - 12:00 PM
    Interviews Begin - 1:00 PM